About us

Courage, enthusiasm, innovativeness and passion. Suitable products designed to last in the South African market. This is the foundation that Turner Morris was established in 1936 and Midmacor in 1962 when the two companies were born. With these same values Turner Morris and Midmacor grew to the status we know today. Turner Morris was established as a small family business, from inception Turner Morris has been involved in the supply of equipment to the construction and agricultural industries. In later years, this activity was also extended to t he industrial and mining sectors. Midmacor on the other hand introduces brands like Honda Motorcycles and Honda Industrial Engines into the South African market, and later into the African Export market. Midmacor established itself as a market leader in these market sectors. Today Midmacor and Turner Morris are reckoned as a major role player in the Construction, Agricultural, Mining and Industrial sector. Turner Morris (PTY) LTD owns the Turner Morris and Midmacor brands and united these two brands into a strong and solid foundation for the products we manufacture, import and distribute in Southern Africa.

Turner Morris has strategically, included many products and franchises into its product range over the years. Pacer Chemical Pumps, Trapp hammer mills and garden equipment, Onga high Head Pumps, Lombardini Diesel driven products. Oleo-Mac Chain Saws, Trimmers, Brush Cutters, Pressure Cleaners, Calpeda Mono Pumps, Industrial Equipment as well a vast range of Construction Equipment are only some of the products that Turner Morris enjoy sole distributorship on, In Southern Africa. These products are hand picked from suppliers representing 5 continents all over the globe, and are imported to the southern point of Africa. Some of these components are then assembled into products designed and tested for our market conditions. These strategic partnerships were made possible by the mutual benefit, which Turner Morris offers as a respectable outlet in Southern Africa via its established network of Branches, Dealers and Distributors.

We believe that our final products are only as good as the people responsible for the selling and backup service and to this end branches are allocated their respective geographical areas and their activities are restricted to that are. Each branch has its own hire fleet, workshop facilities and stock of spares and finished goods which are sourced from our factories and bulk stores. Turner Morris is represented by our own branch network, combined with a dealer network, dedicated to our core values. We serve the end user in the Industrial, Agricultural, DIY and Plant Hire market, through our network of committed outlets. We believe in good quality equipment, sold at the most competitive price, and ability to provide good after sales service on these products. For this reason we provide our customers with service backup, spare parts, expert product advice as well as workshop facilities throughout our network. These core values are never compromised, contribute to our success in the market place. CHHC Trading (PTY) Ltd that presently employs some 250 people, pf which approximately 110 are employed in production and workshops with the remaining 140 in sales, marketing and administration. We are also responsible for many people that are employed indirectly as a result of various South African suppliers that we support.

Over the years, in an effort to provide our branch network and distributors with a competitive edge in terms of product, pricing, quality and availability, our group have invested considerable time and money in the enhancement of our manufacturing capacity. Today many of our products are, in the main, fully assembled or manufactured in our factory located in Johannesburg, where we have a dedicated research and development division, and modern computerised machinery in use with fully documented product design ensuring consistent high standards of manufacture.
Whether you are the occasional DIY’er, a Civil Construction Company, a Serious Farmer or a Commercial Trade user, Turner Morris is your on-stop-shop, for sales and hire of quality equipment at rock bottom prices. View our page in store, or by browsing our website, or simply register to get your free catalogue through the post. Alternatively you can phone one our friendly sales assistants for assistance over the phone. If you are a frequent buyer you can open up your account today and enjoy the convenience of placing your order via fax or e-mail, without the hassle of continuously arranging for payments to be made by your finance department.

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