UPS Series - PSCE6KL

Why a long run UPS rather than a generator?
  • No fuel (ever increasing cost)
  • No noise or fumes
  • No working parts (no maintainance)

We use batteries with a ten year life span.

6 Kva
3 x 42Ah Batteries
20 x 12V = 240V
Battery Cabinet
Normally not installed
No re-wiring included
4 Hours back-up time, you may extend your back-up time with additional battery modules. 
Example of basic installation setup: 12 lights (100W)
                                                    200L Fridge
                                                    1 TV
                                                    1 Decorder
                                                    1 Computer
                                                    1 Kettle or Microwave (these must not operate similtaneously)
                                                    Alarm System




The Turner Morris UPS is the ultimate back-up for your:

    • Home Office
    • Security System
    • Business
    • Telephone & Entertainment System
    • Computer Workstations
    • Filling Stations
    • Lodges
    • Guest Houses
    • Hospitals
    • Medical & Dental Offices