Compaction Equipment

Compatrol® Technology, S-TMCR-6HTZCCD


The first continuous  compaction control system for walk behind soil compactors, assists the operator. A sensor installed into the base plate of the compactor, during compaction the sensor measures changes in the vibrational behaviour which relates to the soil stiffness. The result is indicated to the operator on a scale of light-emitting diodes. Should no diodes light up then the maximum compaction has been achieved.

  • Weight:                                      412Kg
  • Centrifugal Force:                        50kN
  • Frequency:                                 72.5Hz
  • Working Width:                           60x45x70cm
  • Engine:                                      Lombardini Diesel Electric Starter
  • Type:                                         15 LD 400
  • Engine Output, Max.:                   7.3kw 

Contractors Rammers, S-TMCT60PH


The S-TMCT60PH has a Honda GX100 engine which is specially designed for the rammer, you will need to mix fuel and oil as with a two stroke engine.The cast aluminum throttle lever is stronger and more durable for the rammer and it is more comfortable for the operator.The big air cleaner in the crank case provides a longer life span, the two stage oil filter in the fuel tank, provides a longer life span for the carburettor.High quality German made polyurethane bellow.

  • Dimension (LxWxH):                               680 x 350 x 1030mm
  • Weight:                                                  60Kg
  • Plate Size:                                              300 x 250mm
  • Stroke:                                                   30 - 70mm
  • Impact Force:                                         9.8kN
  • Percussion/minute:                                  600 - 695/min.
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:                                 2L
  • Power Source:                                         Honda GX100 4 cycle Petrol Engine 
S-TMCT70PH Contractors Rammers, S-TMCT70PH
S-TMCT78DY Contractors Rammers, S-TMCT78DY

Heavy Duty Rollers, S-VV600HGX


Walk-behind rollers of the VVV line are suitable for both asphalt and soil compaction. Fully hydrostatic with standard parking brake.

Centrifugal Force12kN
Forward Speed0 - 5Km/hod
Reverse Speed0 - 2Km/hod
Max. Gradability20 degrees
Drum Width600mm
Type1 B 20
S-VV600H Heavy Duty Rollers, S-VV600H
S-VV700HGX Heavy Duty Rollers, S-VV700HGX
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Paving Compactor, S-TMCNP80C


Fitted with four rubber rollers to prevent damage to the paving block surface.

EngineHonda GX160
Plate Size600 x 420mm

Plate Compactor 80Kg, S-THPC80HC


The Turner Morris 80Kg plate compactor provides the solution to all compaction requirements. Tough and durable, the effective design ensures easy handling and low operation costs. Ideal for paving preperation.

  • Weight:                               80Kg
  • Dimension (LxWxH):             930 x 440 x 860mm
  • Compactor Plate Size:           490 x 440mm
  • Working Speed:                   1.1 - 1.3Km/Hr.
  • Vibration Frequecy:               6000
  • Centrifugal Force:                 1500kN
  • Compactor Depth:                 25mm    
S-SC440CNP140H Plate Compactors 140Kg, S-SC440CNP140H

Plate Compactor, S-TMCPT90PII

  • Protective cover to protect and prolong the life span of the belt
  • Handling point for easy transportation
  • Wheels for greater mobility
  • Re-inforced base plate for added durability
Dimensions1100 x 500 x 993mm
Plate Size590 x 500mm
Frequency94Hz (5640vpm)
Centrifugal Force1570kgf (15.4kN)
Compaction Area620 - 700m²/h
Depth of Compaction350mm
Working Speed25m/min

Plate Compactors SC 440, S-SC440H9


The Turner Morris SC440 range of plate compactors provides the solution to all compaction requirements. Tough and durable, the effective design ensures easy handling and low operation costs.  It is a product manufactured for the local market. These machines are the best!

  • Weight:                                 133Kg
  • Dimension (LxWxH):               1000 x 1200mm
  • Base Dimension:                     500 x 450 x 16mm (thick)
  • Engine:                                  Petrol - Honda 9hp
  • Clutch:                                   Automatic Centrifugal
  • Advanced Speed:                     20M/min.
  • Vibration Unit:                        4500Hz
  • Centrifugal Force:                    20kN
  • Compactor Depth:                   400mm deep in soil 
S-SC440H5 Plate Compactor SC 440, S-SC440H5
S-SC440DLOM Plate Compactor SC 440, S-SC440DLOM
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Professional Rammers, S-TMRAM60B

Dimensions LXWXH735 x 370 x 1035mm
Shoe Size L x W340 x 275
Stroke50 - 70
Impact Force1390kgf (14kN)
Blows per Minute650 - 700
Compaction Depth610
Max. Working Speed10 - 13
Compaction Area260
Fuel Tank Capacity3.5
EngineHonda GX100 A Stroke

Rammer Petrol Operated, S-SRV620H


The only rammer with 2 years warranty. The Features for the S-SRV620H include, notched 2 speed throttle control, 4 stage air cleaner system, roller for easy handling, fuel cap design from automotive industry, Strong fuel tank, better designed handle allows for several grip positions, engine protected against impacts, large anti-vibration mounting makes this one of the most comfortable and user friendly rammer in the market.

  • Operating Weight:                                  66Kg
  • Shoe Width:                                           280mm
  • Percussion:                                            700/min.
  • Stroke:                                                  65mm
  • Impact Energy:                                       80/13J/kN
  • Engine:                                                  Honda GX 100
S-SRX75-HATZ Rammer Diesel Operated, S-SRX75-HATZ

Reversible Compactor CR1, S-TMCR1H5


The reversible compactors are smaller, light weight, cost effective than rollers. They are easy to transport and are therefore ideal for the small plant hire market. The average pedestrian roller compacts to a depth of 300mm, while the smallest reversible compactor in our range will out perform this. Achieving optimum compaction of sand, gravel, asphalt or paved surfaces.

  • Operating Weight:                          103Kg
  • Centrifugal Force:                           20kN
  • Frequency:                                     100Hz
  • Operating Width:                            400mm
  • Engine:                                          Honda GX160
  • Engine Type:                                  Petrol
  • Engine Power:                                5.5hp
  • Working Speed:                              0-12m/min.
S-TMCR-3DHTZ Reversible Compactor CR3, S-TMCR-3DHTZ
S-TMCR3H9 Reversible Compactor CR3, S-TMCR3H9
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