Concrete Mixing Equipment

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We supply a wide range of concrete mixers. Standard and heavy duty gear tilt concrete mixers 80/65 to 350/260 litres. Hydraulic and heavy duty reverse drum concrete mixers 500/230 to 750/500 litres concrete mixers.

Concrete Mixer 120L, TMC65-KIT, 220V Electric Concrete Mixer


The TMC65 is a light duty concrete mixer suitable for very small projects and is very popular with the DIY market and handy men for odd jobs.  

Supplied as a unassembled kit.

  • Engine:                                     220V  0.25kw
  • Drum Volume:                          120L Drum (Light Duty)                        
  • Dry Mix Input:                           80L
  • Wet Mix Input:                          65L
  • Dimension (LxWxH):                1165 x 665 x 1265mm
  • Discharge:                                Gear Tilt
  • Weight:                                     90Kg



S-TM120ES Concrete Mixer 120L, S-TM120ES, 220V Electric Concrete Mixer

Concrete Mixer 250L, S-TM250PH, Petrol Operated


The TM250 series are able to meet the demands of both small and medium building projects. Generally used by contractors for production work. Good value for money, and excellent quality.

  • Total Volume:                                  250L
  • Capacity (Unmixed):                        200L
  • Capacity (Mixed):                            175L
  • Number of Cycles/Hour:                  15
  • Hourly Production:                           3m³/Hr.
  • Drum Rotation:                                30rpm (60Hz)
  • Belt:                                                  In "V" A-46
  • Weight without Engine:                    148Kg
  • Dimensions(LxWxH):                       1588 x 900 x 1463
  • Drum Plate Thickness:                     2mm
  • Flywheel Protection:                         Steel Plate
  • Engine Box:                                      Honda Petrol Engine 5.5hp
  • Wheels:                                             58mm Solid Rubber Wheels
  • Discharge:                                        Tilt Drum 
S-TM250PF Concrete Mixer 250L, S-TM250PF, Petrol Operated
S-TM250ES Concrete Mixer 250L, S-TM250ES, 220V Electric Concrete Mixer
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Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TM400PH, Petrol Operated


The TM400 concrete mixer range are able to meet the demands of small, medium and large construction projects. This range is also popular with hire companies and is widely used in the industry.

  • Drum Volume:                                  400L
  • Dry Mix Input:                                   310L
  • Wet Mix Input:                                  260L
  • Number of Cycles/Hour:                   15
  • Hourly Production:                            4.65m³/h
  • Drum Rotation:                                 30rpm (60Hz)
  • Belt:                                                  In "V" A-48
  • Weight:                                             167Kg  
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):                      1797 x 1008 x 1481mm
  • Drum Plate Thickness:                     2mm
  • Fly Wheel Protection:                       Steel Plate
  • Engine Box:                                      Honda Petrol 5.5hp
  • Wheels:                                             68mm Solid Rubber
  • Discharge:                                        Tilt Drum          


S-TM400F Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TM400F, Petrol Operated
S-TM400ES Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TM400ES, 220V Electric Concrete Mixer
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Diesel Hyraulic Concrete Mixer, (BIO750 - Without scale), S-BIO750-NSKIR


The BIO750 hydraulic concrete mixer range has a fully hydraulic reverse drum drive, pneumatic wheels and optional water meter system. Features include hopper, stabilizers and a flowmeter. An option of having a scale fitted for exact measuring giving better mixing results.

  • Drum Volume:                       900L
  • Dry Mix Input:                        750L
  • Wet Mix Input:                       500L
  • Wheels:                                 Pneumatic Wheels
  • Water Supply:                       Water Meter 
  • Discharge:                             Reverse Drum
  • Mass:                                     2100Kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):           3250 x 2000 x 3200mm
  • Drum Drive:                           Fully Hydraulic 
  • Features:                               Hopper, Stabilizers & Flowmeter             
S-BIO750-NSLOM Diesel Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, (BIO750 - Without scale), S-BIO750-NSLOM
S-BIO750-NSE Electric Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, (BIO750 - Without scale), S-BIO750-NSE
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Heavy Duty Concrete Mixer 400L, S-TMHD400PH, Petrol Operated


The S-TMHD400PH is a heavy duty concrete mixer ideal for the plant hire industry and it comes with a reinforced 2.65mm thick drum. This concrete mixer has a segmented ring gear which ensures better adjustment and decreased maintenance costs. The three mixing paddles ensures a better mix and increased productivity.

  • Total Volume:                                 400L
  • Capacity (Unmixed):                       310L
  • Capacity (Mixed):                            270L
  •  Number of Cycles/Hour:                  15
  • Hourly Production:                           4.65m³/h
  • Drum Rotation:                                30rpm (60Hz)
  • Belt:                                                  In "V" A-48
  • Weight without Engine:                    180Kg
  • Dimension (LxWxH):                        1836 x 1012 x 1461mm
  • Drum Plate Thickness:                     2.65mm
  • Flywheel Protection:                         Steel Plate
  • Engine Box:                                      Petrol Operated, Honda Engine
  • Wheels:                                            68mm Solid Rubber
  • Discharge:                                        Tilt Drum     

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 640L, S-BRO600DH, Diesel Operated,


The BRO600 range is highly versatile, the tilt drum mixing offers efficient mixing of concrete, mortar and plaster mixes. 350L wet mix per batch with a possibility of 10 batches per hour means almost 3.5m³/hr., this includes loading, mixing and discharging. Features include pneumatic wheels and 4 adjustible legs.

  • Drum Volume:                        640L
  • Dry Mix Input:                         500L
  • Wet Mix Input:                        350L
  • Wheel Option:                         Pneumatic Wheels
  • Water System:                        Water Tank 60Lt
  • Discharge:                              Tilt Drum 
  • Mass:                                      1450Kg
  • Dimensions (LxWxH):             2700 x 1850 x 3100mm
  • Drum Drive:                             Hydranlic  
  • Engine:                                    Hatz 11.5Hp Engine
  • Features:                                 Hopper      
S-BRO600ET Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 640L, S-BRO600ET, 380V Electric
S-BRO600E Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 640L, S-BRO600E, 220V Electric Operated

Hydraulic Concrete Mixer 900L, Reverse Drum, S-BCO750-DY, Diesel Operated


The 900L Hydraulic Drum is manufactured to the highest specifications and are heavy duty. The standard machine includes the water tank and automatic filling, reverse drum with hydraulic hopper. Jacking system allows for wheel removal for storage during long term use.

  • Power Source:                 Yanmar Diesel Engine
  • Power:                              20hp
  • Max. Towing Speed:        20Km/h
  • Output:                             18-22m³/h
  • Dimension (LxWxH):        3750x2240x3800mm
  • Total Weight:                    2050Kg
  • Lifting Mechanism:           Hydraulic tipping Hopper  



Mobile Self Loading Concrete Mixer 800L, S-TM50-800M



Three-way tipping system, Drum rotating 180°, 4*4 driving system

  • Articular frame with hydraulic steering
  • 1,5 inch water pumping system with water meter
  • Drum loading capacity:           800 Litre
  • Loading shovel capacity:        100 Litre
  • Water tank:                             100 Litre
  • Weight:                                    2450 kg
  • Dimensions:                            3620 x 1800 x 2500 

Mortar/Dagga Mixer 270L, S-TMM270PH, Petrol Operated


The MM270 mortar mixer range is used to mix plaster, which is also known as dagga in Africa. This mixer saves time and ensures a correct and accurate mix. It is used by contractors for larger volumes. For mixing plaster & mortar only.  

  • Dry Mix Input:                  270L
  • Wet Mix Output:              220L
  • Engine:                            Honda petrol 5.5hp              



S-TMM270DLOM Mortar/Dagga Mixer 270L, S-TMM270DLOM, Diesel Operated, Lombardini Powered Engine

Pan Mixer 100L, S-TMPAN100-220, 220V Electric Operation


Electric Pan Mixer 220V

Stationary electric pan mixers are ideal for production in a yard with available electricity. Less labour required to mix soil and cement.

  • Engine:                            220V, 100L
  • Capacity:                         100L


S-TMPAN100-380 Pan Mixer 100L, S-TMPAN100-380, 220V Electric Operation
S-TMPAN300-380 Pan Mixer 100L, S-TMPAN300-380, 220V Electric Operation
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