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A range of Prime & Standby Generators as well as small portable Gen Sets. We also supply Gensets, Diesel Generators, power generators, generating sets, industrial generators and portable generators. Turner Morris supply a wide range of Generators to South African & Africa. Contact Turner Morris today for your our range of generators for sale.

Generator Service Kit, SERVICEKITSPG65


Generator Service Kits are designed for the SPG6500 model, manufactured and tested specifically for your generator's needs to help deliver optimum performance. Popular maintenance products are included in one kit for quick and easy servicing. Each kit includes Engine Oil, Fuel Filter, Filter Cartridge, Spark plug and toolkit.

SERVICEKITFPG2800 Generator Service Kit, SERVICEKITFPG2800

LED Tower Light Trailer -S-SDG9PLT


LED trailers offers lower in maintenance cost. On daily use light head maintenance on metal halide trailers can be as much as R40000.00 per year/k.

  • AC Output Socket:                                    220V/10A X2
  • Protection Class:                                       IP23
  • Control Module:                                        Deep Sea 3110
  • Dimension (LxWxH):                                 (2784 x 1360 x 2170mm)
  • Operation Type:                                       Hydraulic control
  • Lamps:                                                   4 X 400W LED Lamps
  • Mast Angle:                                             359°
  • Max. Height of Mast:                                9m


  • Prime Power:                                           9KVA
  • Phase:                                                    Single Phase
  • Power Factor:                                          1
  • Rated Output:                                         220V /50Hz
  • Rated Current:                                        14A


  • Engine Model:                                         Perkins 403D-11G
  • Starting System:                                     Electric
  • Engine Speed:                                        1500RPM
  • Fuel Type:                                              0# Diesel (Natural Temperature)
  • Fuel Tank Capacity:                                 135L


  • Alternator Brand:                                    Stamford PI044G
  • Alternator Type:                                      Brushless type
  • Engine Type:                                          Four Stroke, Water Cooled, Diesel Engine

LED Tower Lights -S-SDG5LT


Metal halide machines consume approx. 3,5 litre of Diesel per hour while LED light towers consumes only 0.82 litre per hour

LED trailers offers lower maintenance cost

On daily use light head maintenance on metal halide trailers can be as much as R40 000.00 per year /.k


Rated Frequency:50Hz
Rated Voltage:220V
Rated Output:4200W
Surge Output:4600W
Voltage Regulation:AVR


  • Engine Brand:                                        Firman
  • Engine Model:                                        SDE186E
  • Engine Type:                                         4-stroke, air cooled, OHV, Single cylinder
  • Displacement:                                       418cc
  • Max. Engine output (HP/RPM):                9.4/3600
  • Starting Method:                                    Electric starting
  • Fuel:                                                     Diesel
  • Fuel Tank Capacity (L):                          16L
  • Running Time@3/4 rated load (hr):         15
  • Noise Level@7m & 3/4 load dB(A):          71


  • Lamp power X QTY:                               50W LED Lamp X 2
  • Luminous (Lm):                                     10 000
  • Mast:                                                    3 stage lifting mast
  • Lifting limiting of the mast (m):              5.5
  • Inclination:                                           10 degrees
  • Oil warning system:                               Yes

Light Tower Metal Halide Petrol - S-TMCLT-04-2

Engine Type6HP
Required Generator2.0kW
Mast3 Stages
Lamp Output400W*2
Max. Tower Height5
Storage Dimension1180*935*1980mm
S-TMCLT-04-4 Light Tower Metal Halide Petrol - S-TMCLT-04-4

Tower Light Metal Halide Diesel - S-TMHLT8-4K

Raising Light TowerManual
Single Phase Voltage10KVA
LightMetal Halide Floodlight
Light Power4 x 1000W