• A guaranteed 5-minute collection time on pre-booked equipment
    We save you time. Time is money! Open your account today and you too can book, and collect your equipment within 5 minutes.

  • Quality and well-maintained equipment
    We make sure that our equipment is in tip-top condition. Less down-time saves you money!

  • Largest range in the industry
    Don’t drive from hire shop to hire shop to find the correct equipment for the job. Come directly to Turner Morris, and find what you need when you need it. Save time – Save Money!

  • No Repair Costs – No down time
    Don’t wait until your machine breaks down in the middle of your contract. Hire one of our machines. They are well maintained and won’t let you down. In the unlikely case where one of our machines breaks down, we will replace it without extra charge. We take care of this – save money, hire from Turner Morris

  • Safety
    Our machines are supplied with risk assessments

  • Expert Advice
    Our friendly, well-trained and experienced staff will assist with and advise on equipment for your application

  • We Deliver
    Save time and money, ask any of our Hire outlets to deliver your equipment to the site of your choice.

  • Cut costs and save money
    Less staff is needed when using our hire plant because there is no need to repair, purchase spares and maintain your own machines. We take care of this while you focus on the job at hand. Reduced costs on storage as no yard is required to keep the machines in between different sites. Just send them back to us to service and get ready for you when you need them again.

  • Test new machines that we introduce to the market
    Do this without spending money on machinery. Let the machine proof itself to work for your application.

  • We are long-term partner in the construction market
    From as far back as 1936 Turner Morris has been your partner in the construction field,. Experiences build up over more than 70 years are built into our equipment. Can you afford not to be our partner?

      Our range extends form small equipment like drive units to hydraulic mixers and site dumpers. The largest range in 
      he industry!